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All Memorial Register Books (Best Price Bracket...This is a discount of 16%-22%)

Memorial Folders (25,000 Card Level...This is a discount of 10%-18%)

Acknowledgments (25,000 Card Level...Same as above)

Most Special Configuration Box Sets (No Up charge from regular prices)

Special Small Minimum Orders: Box Sets and books 1 each, Acknowledgments 25 or 1 box, Service folders and blank acknowledgments 250. Minimum dollar order is $30.00. If you order one register book it will be shipped at the 500 book price. One box of 25 each acknowledgment cards will be billed at the 25,000 card price. A pack of 250 count service folders is billed at the 25,000 rate.

Messenger will provide to you, at no charge, state of the art software called Making It Personal (MIP) that will enable you to personalize all of your stationery. This also includes making DVD’s with Messenger themes such as Thomas Kinkade and On Freedoms Wings. We will even help you set it up and get it running. Messenger also has online ordering available 24/7.

  • Michael Propeck 770-720-2558
  • Paul Cotter 678-438-5425

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